Just fell in love with Flavia de Luce!

13 Aug

I just fell in love with Flavia de Luce!

This is simultaneously not as exciting (no one new in my life) and way more thrilling (a whole new ongoing series to follow!!) than it sounds.

Flavia de Luce is a ten year old who solves murder mysteries in 1950’s Britain in books by Alan Bradley.

I was thinking about writing the next book and getting frankly scared because so many things seem to be happening. There are ‘unofficial’ or rather ‘not yet official’ things hanging over me which kind of makes me feel like I’m on probation. And there’s a mountain of reading to do that I’m enjoying quite a bit but that’s also supposed to be confidential–I’ll write more about everything later once (keeping fingers and toes crossed) the unofficial gets inked onto contracts!

And I was reading blog archives and following links and thanks to Louise Penny’s piece I discovered The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. Frankly I wasn’t expecting too much but Louise Penny, my currently favourite writer (she scores top on my list because her blog on her writing life makes waiting for the next book easier) liked the book and it was available on Kindle so…

Well I finished reading The Sweetness. I’ve also downloaded and finished The Weed That Strings The Hangman’s Bag and I’m halfway through A Red Herring Without Mustard and so far I’m still fascinated.

I’m also very sleepy.

One of the drawbacks of using the Kindle, it works too well. In the old days I would have had to wait for morning, for bookshops to open and I would probably have got a lot more sleep. The only reason I stopped reading was having to do my morning pages at 750 Words, water plants, feed fish & turtles, walk dogs etc… basic life support.

Reasons why I find Alan Bradley as fascinating as Flavia: he grew up in Canada and never set foot in England till he won his CWA Debut Dagger for The Sweetness.

Plus he was 70 years old when he wrote it!

There’s hope for me yet–there’s still hope for all of us wannabe writers on this side of 70 who grew up in Singapore on Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie (not to mention Edith Nesbit and Noel Streatfeild)!

Now I’m going to do some ‘duty’ reading before I allow myself to get back to A Red Herring…

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