Happy Singapore Curry day!

21 Aug

Happy Singapore Curry Day everybody!

Went out to buy ginger and tomatoes for tonight’s veggie curry and found some ‘drumstick beans’ I’ve never seen before. The stallkeeper told me “Use for curry–just peel like carrot and chop” which I took as a sign I was on the right track! Then I got home and looked them up–they are ‘Moringa oleifera‘ and there are some very interesting facts here. Definitely going to find out more about them… but not right now.

I’m starting the cooking now–then it’s all going into the crockpot on Low till after the Cedaw Debrief this afternoon.  Been following all the reports from the UN (thank you Aware & Sayoni!) but there’s nothing like getting the whole story live and finding out what’s happening next!

So–the curry pot… it’s going to be sort of a green curry (because the basil and limau purut are growing so well) with onions, garlic, ginger, potatoes, tomatoes, chick peas (already cooking), carrots, pattypan squash, brinjal, baby corn, long beans and of course the drumstick beans once I’ve figure out how to process them! It’s probably obvious there’s way too much stuff but don’t worry. Minute samples of each are going into the curry, culled from next week’s rations!

On the writing side I’ve got my ‘outline’ down. Two pages worth and so far it all seems to work–but then potholes in the road don’t always show up in the distance.

Have also started files for character sketches–just very rough notes on how they look, where they live, how they talk, what they like to eat… stuff that helps me know them and how they interact better.

This part of writing is great fun actually. I feel like I’m playing a game, creating a virtual world.

I found and borrowed a lovely book Chinese Label Art by Andrew S. Cahan from the Central Library. Fascinating photos of labels of joss sticks, tea tins, firecrackers, lichees, headache cures… and write ups on the designs and products. Like how the deer was featured on firecracker labels because it is thought to be the only animal able to find the ling chih, the fungus (not a typo–at least not my typo) of immortality!

Many of these products were probably common in Singapore in the 1920’s–another attempt to get a feel of the times.

On one hand I’m dying to start but on the other I don’t want to start writing yet because I know once I do I’m going to plunge in and everything else is going to get tossed by the wayside and I do want very much to finish:

1.) My sewing project before I return the sewing machine and

2) My painting/ collage project. I got an idea for a poster I want to have on the wall in front of my computer monitor (when it reclaims its primary spot from the sewing machine) and I would really like to do it myself.

I found a lovely potato word counter at Writertopia (see top of right panel). Since NaNoWriMo isn’t on right now I’m hoping it won’t crash on me… now I’m still at zero word count so the ‘1’ there is just for testing!

So now–sewing and cooking and going out to be impressed by what some of our women are doing for us out in the world. And I’ve just got the latest Donna Leon Drawing Conclusions and recklessly jumped into reading it even though I still haven’t finished Hilary Mantel’s Fludd (started on Thursday but it’s been a busy week)… so yes, a lot of stuff going on.

Life is full and wonderful right now. But still–I want to start writing want to start want to start…

But no. I will start in September. Before then I want to sort all the para-writing details out. I want to connect the external monitor currently sitting in the cupboard. I want to get back into an eating, exercise and sleep routine that keeps me functioning at prime. I want to finish my character sketches and location maps and draw out floor plans for the places where the main action takes place–just to make sure I don’t trip myself up!

And now–a very basic curried cabbage and tofu and brown rice for lunch, just to stay within the theme of the day.


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One response to “Happy Singapore Curry day!

  1. sylvia

    August 21, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    The ‘drumsticks’ are rather like okra/ladyfingers. Wash, trim the ends, cut into 1inch to 3 inch sections, add them to curry. I’ve seen them in supermarkets labelled ‘murrugai’.


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