Signed First Jacaranda Contract!

29 Aug


Thank you Jay and Priya!

This was a sweet end (for me at least) to the adda at Jay’s apartment.

Ketna Patel was fascinating–not only for her entertaining presentation (riots/ box rooms/ colonial child’s eye view/ Gujarati extended families/ life philosophy/ art/ people/ colours/ social observations/ politics/ artists/ marketing… I’m still processing!)

It was the best sort of experience because it was fun and striking while we were there but also seeded so many thoughts and reflections. I love her energy and drive and attitude as well as her artwork. It feels like her life and her art are crafted out of the same continuum.

It made me realise that writing for me is very much creating collages out of experiences, impressions and words. Sometimes there are pieces of people and places and food and encounters I cut and trim and paste in. Sometimes it’s repeating patterns, found objects and all these get bits painted in or sanded out or outlined differently… and sometimes they fit together so that while each retaining their individual natures when you stand back there is a mosaic of something quite different that they are yet a part of.

Because I’m realising more and more that I don’t get writing out of thin air. I’m sure everyone works differently but I need input to get output and strangely enough the ‘input’ works best when it doesn’t come in the pages of a book!

So–I’m starting on another 3 month scriptmunk ‘intensive’ on Thursday and hope to have a 60,000 word first draft at the end of it. Yesterday cleared the office… the sewing machine is gone 😦  and the desktop and cupboards have been cleared and sorted. Today & tomorrow I’ll be clearing out bookshelves both real & virtual.

I hope to log in my word count here every day (accountability accountability accountability) targeting an average of 1000 words each week day and using Saturdays & Sundays to revise and edit. It doesn’t sound like much does it? It isn’t, not as a sprint like during NaNoWriMo. The challenge to myself if whether I can keep it up in the long run!

And there’s my daily 750 Words too, which helps me stay balanced, and my weekly blog posts here.

Right now it feels a bit like I’m waiting to start a new school term!


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