Day 14: Para Writing Activities

14 Sep

Spent all morning writing out a new bio (keeping fingers crossed, toes crossed… by now my eyes are crossed too!!!) because of something that may just be coming up for me–but I’m not going to say anything to jinx it right now. Besides have been told not to but I’m HOPING!!!

Was sitting down at the computer staring, writing, staring writing, from morning dogwalk non-stop till I went to meet my lovely power lady agent Jay to go to Books Actually to talk about my idea for a mystery novella…

And Yes, they’re interested (love those people. Well would love them even if they said no to me but I love them more now!)

I’m giving them 15,000 words by end December. I can probably do that in a month if I start thinking about it and structuring it now, so I can safely finish my first draft of Lizard’s Tail before starting on that.

Then off to post a sample to China (hee hee YES! Another round of crossed fingers) Please please please let at least some of these balls I’m tossing up into the air land…

And then finally, just after 3pm… lunch.

Found a very nice new vegetarian stall next to the Clementi Hub and ate there. Was really too tired to think of going into the supermarket for fresh veggies as I’d planned so someone to cook long beans, brinjal and bitter gourd for me was a life saver–and it was good too!

Back to explain to dogs that I still love them and hand out a chew stick each… problem is every time I leave the apartment they think I’m never coming back. Think it’s the result of having been abandoned before, my poor little rescue doglets.

And then did a 15 minute ‘sit’ to centre myself and then and only then sat down to meet today’s writing quota on The History Mystery. And yes, I’ve (finally) hit the target.

Now we’ll all go out for a nice walkies and I’ll try to feed them before falling asleep!


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