Day 19: Monday…

19 Sep

The best that I can say is that I’m still on track with the writing/ word count for The Lizard’s Tail. I’ve introduced the victim, the murderer and suspects and the first lizard but I’m tired… spent the weekend working on the new novella and feel like I haven’t had a break in too long!

‘The Lizard’s Tail’ was also the name of a NaNoWriMo piece I wrote two years ago… that on rereading I had to split into three separate threads, one of which in a very warped way I hope to work into the present book. I love NaNoWriMo–it’s great for bulking up on tons of ideas… even now I’m wondering whether I can squeeze in an entry this year–

Marvellous Mentor Mukul says ‘focus on writing one thing at a time’ but if I separate writing one project on week days and the other on weekends that counts right? (well if I just took weekends off I probably wouldn’t be so tired, so…)

But I’m faithfully sticking to my Daily Health Challenges so I’m hoping those will do something towards keeping me from turning into a tub of lard at the computer. I swear I haven’t done a full practice for so long I can feel my body has changed and I probably wouldn’t be able to! I know–the longer I stay off the mat the harder it is to get back on but still I don’t get back on… I should just set the alarm earlier but sleep is another thing I need every extra minute of right now!

And I’m terribly behind in my own reading but Have Finished with the Golden Point short stories judging reading/ re-reading/ points assigning/ re-re-reading/ meetings with my fellow judges the wonderful Dave Chua and Meira Chand

It was great fun reading all the entries though so painful we couldn’t choose more winners–so many were so promising in so many different ways!

And we liked/ loved/ hated different stories for different reasons… yes, there were very very many discussions. But we managed to agree on the final list that we’re all happy with… still Top Secret till they announce the results at the Singapore Writers Festival of course!

And now… trying to decide whether to do yoga or go out for a long slow walk with the dogs… it’s wet but the rain has stopped so there’ll be lots of mud and smells and bugs and maybe even rats to scrabble after–doggie bliss in other words!



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