Day 22: Chia Seeds!

22 Sep

I’m still on track writing wise… nothing much else has changed though I suppose that’s good.

I really need to get back to regular practice but I realise it’s been so long I’ll have to start right from the beginning, as though forming a new habit so…

Baby steps.

I was reading about forming new habits. There are so many different guides/plans/motivational aids but distilling down what I think I can work with I ended up with:

1) Start small- 5 minutes of Sitting and 15 minutes of Practice. Can’t step any smaller than that!

2) Pick a time- first thing in the morning, before doing my morning pages. The Morning Pages are fairly established as a routine and I’m getting used to the ‘writing 1000 words 5 days a week’ so I can afford to shift those around a bit.

3) Accountability- which is why I’m writing about that here!

Writing wise all is good. Just posted my royalty sheet this morning at Clementi Hub 🙂 Some day all this may become so routine that I take it in my stride but for now it’s still exciting.

Oh and Chia Seeds! I’ve been reading about them for some time, how they are full of protein and omega 3 and anti-oxidants and I was looking up where to get them (no reply from online sources about shipping to Singapore) when I found ‘Chia Shots’ at Clementi Fairprice this morning! So today I had chia gel in soy milk, in green tea and in lemon water!

And the writing is going, going… the difficulty is keeping myself on the track I’ve worked out and that ‘works’ ie ties everything together in the requisite number of words. As I write I keep getting new ideas, new possibilities, new twists that would be so much fun but I’m afraid if I allow myself to play I’m going to end up with a 80, 000 word manuscript even Jacaranda can’t sell!

So (for now at least) all the new ideas are getting tucked into a separate folder and told to keep quiet until I have time for them. Like the dogs they don’t always accept that. At least I’m done for the week so the dogs get their walk now!



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