Day 26: 8 Plays (almost) Here!

26 Sep

Epigram is (almost) ready to launch 8 Plays, a collection of some of the plays I wrote over the years. This is how it looks:

The cover of my book of plays

Most of my ‘Women’ plays are in here–from ‘The Woman in A Tree On The Hill’ and ‘3 Fat Virgins’ right through to ‘Hitting (On) Women’…

I was hoping to have this collection titled ‘Hitting On Fat Virgins In A Tree’ or ‘Ovidia Yu: Plays with Women’ but I guess Epigram found ‘8 Plays’ more catchy…

It’s part of a series of play collections they are putting out, following on Chong Tze Chien’s Four Plays and Tan Tarn How’s Six Plays. I guess this means whoever they publish next will be ‘Ten Plays’! I wonder who that will be. Desmond Sim certainly has enough performed plays… (Des, I would love to be on the shelf between you and Tarn How–however that sounds!)

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the book looks. Very grateful to Epigram for putting it together, of course. And also to the NAC for funding it with a publishing grant and to Dr KK Seet for bringing up the idea in the first place and having the energy and drive to push it through (If not for Dr Seet’s efforts ‘The Silence of the Kittens’ and ‘Hitting (On) Women would not have been included in this collection)  And he also provided the Introduction for the book so I owe him big, big time for this.

And of course to all the wonderful theatre groups who first staged these plays–if not for them these plays and characters would all be nothing more than voices in my head and with all this stuff racketing around inside my head.

I know I should be more excited, but it doesn’t feel quite real yet. Maybe when I’m actually holding it in my hands I’ll believe it!

In the meantime I’m still comfortably on schedule with the history mystery going into the last week of September. The target for this month was 20,000 words and if nothing comes up to knock me off course I should be able to make it.


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