Day 29: Reached Month Target!

29 Sep

Set myself a word count target of 20,000 words on Miss Blackmore And The Lizard’s Tail and I’ve made it!

Of course quality wise… well, I have no idea right now. Still to close to it and I’m seeing what I want to see there rather than what is there. Important thing right now is just to get it on paper–and yes, it’s a good start.

Have also started the Orchid Chan novella–4,000 words now. I’m aiming for a 20,000 word piece so that’s like one fifth done? But my eyes are starting to get crossed so will probably stop for the day soon.

Because tonight I’m going to watch Jonathan Lim in On This Emerald Hill! πŸ™‚ Yes, looking forward to that.

Actually met up with Jonathan yesterday at ROFLs in Raffles where the two of us and Matthew Lyon were guests at a panel organised by the students.

I was very impressed by what the students put together–it turned out our panel was just one of (and in my case probably one of the least prepared for) part of a full day comedy conference. Just the abstracts of the papers to be presented at the Concurrent Sessions were so impressive, with titles like “Excuse me, my comic device isn’t working”, “Death and Humour: why we laugh at death” and “Healing with Humour” (on breaking down stereotypes) and more, much more…

I had to get back to work or I would definitely have stayed on.

Was really impressed by the students’ organisational skills too (the event was run better than some conferences I’ve attended!) Β In particular Jeremy, Jonathan and Shrey Bhargava who I’d previously only seen as a Bud(ding) actor. Good presence, good timing and good spatial sense plus he speaks well–can see him as one of the stand-outs in the next generation. Would really like to see him writing though–especially writing his own performance material. The stage side may not surrender him so easily but we’ll see…!

And I found out that one of my former tutorial mates Ser Yee is teaching literature at RI! Guess the Eng Lit and Lang Course did us some good after all πŸ™‚

So yes, it was a good day and it’s been a good month.

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