First Month Over–Already?

01 Oct

Things went better than I expected, actually. I got my 20,000 words done on Miss Blackmore and started a new novella.

And I’m going to Shanghai 🙂

And 8 Plays is finally here in my hands! To use a pregnancy metaphor I was gestating this babe for over twenty years and ‘in labour’ for the past 48 months!

And I really love how it looks. I’m surprised by how much I like the look and feel of it–suddenly it doesn’t matter whether it sells two copies or two hundred, I’m so glad it exists! 🙂

The next thing up on the schedule is the Singapore Writers Festival. There are so many events up this time I’m very glad being on just one panel gets me a festival pass! (because this year we have to pay to attend stuff. $15 unless you’re a student or over 55 years and I fall between the two categories right now)

There are also two big big things that I’m hoping for very, very much. I keep telling myself hoping doesn’t make anything happen but it’s hard to stop.

Anyway, for the SWF I created an ‘event’ on my Facebook page and I’m replicating it here just in case anyone else might be interested.

As I said there, I’m really excited about this panel and not just because I’m on it. The other speakers are:

Chris Mooney-Singh the poet-performer and world music artist, founder of Poetry Slam and high energy Fun person…

Fredrik Haren, author of The Idea Book which is selling in 9 languages in 40 countries. He was also recognised as Sweden’s Speaker of the Year before he moved to Singapore so he’ll definitely be gripping…

and me, Ovidia Yu. I’ll be talking about collecting ideas for books, plays and life with lighting rods rather than lightning rods and learning all I can from my fellow speakers!

Our panel is moderated by Goh Eck Kheng so please ask your questions in Good English!

Unlike previous years you’ll need a Festival Pass to attend. These will be on sale to the public online from SISTIC.

The Festival Pass is $15 for 9 days ($10 each for group purchase of 10 tickets of above)

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