Day 41: Good and Bad…

11 Oct

The Good: Richard Lord has agreed to be my editor/first reader for the ACF manuscript. I’m very very happy because I like him, he’s both good with words and able to understand my sttuutter when I get excited talking about what I’m writing PLUS he’s very experienced at the editing side of things as well as working on NAC projects!!!

The Bad: Blood test today not so great… I took some cold medication that didn’t agree with me, my INR was shot and just to prove it I’ve got a big bleeder in my right eye that makes writing a bit tough… but it’s really more self pity than anything else.

Bright side to that is, Prof K says nothing wrong with me flying to Shanghai or spending six months in Paris (fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed) and I have a list of English speaking doctors so I’m hoping, hoping, hoping…!

And my Orchid Chan novella is going well–I know it’s not just about word count but I’ve reached 11,385 words and I think there’s enough bone and muscle under there to survive the fast edits I’m going to have to do to push/pull/cut it into shape. Probably will have to write about 40,000 words in order to cut down to the target 20,000…

But now I’m going to bed with an ice pack, two dogs and lots of self pity…


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