Fantastic 2 weeks with SWF and Publishing Fair!

02 Nov

And I haven’t done any writing at all but I can catch up and I KNOW the experience is going to help lots!

Best tip however may have come from Michael Chabon recommending the Freedom app which I’ve bought and installed and over the past two days started and reached 5000 words on 2nd draft of the Orchid Chan novella! 🙂

Amazed how many writers seem to work in cafes. Alone but not isolated.
But I’m trying to limit my intake of coffee & pastries so…

The Lizard’s Tail, having crossed the 50% mark is starting to look like it needs some structural tweaking. Painful as that may be, better to do it now than after I’ve loaded more writing on a shaky structure! So… will think about it for the next two weeks while I finish Orchid Chan. Great relief to be writing a novella where the end is actually in sight when you start–and it’s actually starting to feel like great fun!

And now I’m just really tired. Golden Point Judging is over.

Books Actually launch/presentation on 4 Nov

English Language Theatre meet-the-students 10 Nov
Orchid Chan deadline: last week Nov
FCC Christmas skit to be delivered first week Dec.
LitCamp (never been before but sounds great fun!) on 28 Dec

And I have all my new books from SWF to read.

Happy note: 8 Plays went on sale at the SWF and were sold out by Sunday midday!!!

Don’t know how many copies were brought in but a big Thank You to Joanne and all you other sweet people who paid good money for them!!!

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