Day 66: Books Actually Chat

05 Nov

Robin Loon talked to Tze Chien, Tarn How and me about our plays (and our three books–thank you Epigram!!!) at Books Actually last night.


Robin Loon with Tze Chien and me


In the background you can see stacks of our books lined up. Was really impressed by how Robin handled the evening (he knows more about my plays than I do!) and I learned at lot from listening to Tze Chien!

And it felt so good to catch up with Tarn How again.

Last night I think we all realised how much we owe Theatreworks so much–so many of our early plays for all three of us began in the Theatreworks Writers Laboratory!


And what made it really special is how many people from way back then are still in theatre now! Realised both Nora (above) and Jeff (below) were there right from the early days. Dear Verena was there too but I couldn’t find a pic.


But the most dramatic presence last night was of course the cat critic:

The evening was great fun and I met and re-met new and old friends from as far away as Chicago, Italy and–thank you for turning up!–students from next week’s Theatre Studies talk which saved me a lot of grief because I had thought it was next month till they set me right!

Bit of a disappointment followed though–got home to learn the stay at The Cité Internationale des Arts isn’t happening. But I hope it is only a temporary roadblock and so I will say ‘not happening yet’ rather than ‘not happening at all’.

I was hoping to write the sequel to The Mudskipper there. Since Lizhi is part French North African and part Singaporean and The Mudskipper relates how she gets to know her estranged family in Singapore I was hoping to set a second book in Paris, where she introduces her Chinese grandfather to the city where she grew up. I hoped to show that a city is a living character that reacts differently to an old person than to the young; but also that, as with any other character, it is a relationship that can be cultivated.

I’ll still write the book of course–perhaps just not in the immediate future!

(Good news though, first draft of the contract for The Mudskipper has come through!)

I’m hoping to finish the Orchid Chan novella over the next two weeks while I let the first rough of The Lizard’s Tail rest and ferment a little. I know what I want to happen, I just need to round out the characters a little more. Doing sketches of their childhoods/favourite foods/nightmares to try to see them in 3-D.


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