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Homemade Marmalade Reward for deleting CastleVille?

Feel like I’m finally recovering from the last three months of high intensity writing–took over two weeks of ‘writing break’ this time this time but I’m finally starting to feel human again.

Going on the Silent Retreat was a very interesting experience but I think I prefer the familiarity of the pranayama / ashtanga retreats.

Good news: I’ve got a travel grant (thank you NAC!!!) for the Shanghai Lit Fest and my Orchid Chan novella should be published by then… the craziness of trying to complete that in addition to a 60,000 word first draft paid off after all!

(I know, don’t count your chickens till they crap on your fingers but at least I got the writing done and submitted)

And I’m starting to feel like going back to writing/ editing again.

It’s been a great December so far. I’ve been playing CastleVille and reading vegan recipes (cheese is my big sticking point with yoghurt a close runner up) and eating, eating, eating.

But soon it’s going to be time to delete CastleVille. I’m going to miss it. Last break I played Smurfs and the break before that Pet Society. I think of all these things I miss Pet Society the most because my poor little blue CousCous was all alone while the Smurf and Castle kingdoms are pretty well populated.

Maybe I should just grit my teeth and do it now?

After all right now thanks to the LOVELY LOVING Kate James  in London (and thanks also to Kalyani who carried all the bottles back and Eck Kheng and Anita who hosted the distribution last night) I have homemade, hand cut, Seville Orange marmalade to comfort myself with, all I need is an excuse–

I’ll just stick a spoon in the (prettiest little bottle) for comfort and get down to making those deletions…  if someone could go through the patient care of cutting and stirring and sterilising and sugaring and who knows what other magic goes into the creation of preserving ambrosia I can start prepping my computer for next year right?


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