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At Toji Cultural Centre

I got so caught up in writing and para-writing activities that I completely forgot I had a WordPress blog here–just remembered thanks to Jonathan Sung who’s starting his own blog…

Reading the last post I put in here I realise so much has happened since that hopeful beginning of the year–two trips to Hong Kong, one trip to Shanghai, The Mudskipper launched pre-AFCC –which I missed this year  — but I missed it because I’m here at the Toji Cultural Centre in Wonju, South Korea which is fantastic!

I’ve followed the example of my writing hero Louise Penny by opening my Facebook posts to ‘public’ so that the writing journey can be followed there. Over here I can just meander on and grouch a little.

(bathroom ceiling is leaking again… Well I can be glad because this isn’t my apartment and I can sit back and wait for someone else to get it fixed!)

I’ve finished the draft of the history mystery–now tentatively titled ‘The Blackmore Girls’–I was working on at the beginning of the year…  then decided to do a time shift from 1926 back to 1912 or exactly a hundred years ago. I’m hoping that if I ever write a sequel to it I can set it a hundred years back from whenever I do write it. So after that wrote one more draft changing dates… finished that during my first month here though I estimated it would take three months (it’s really so incredibly easy and wonderful writing here where nobody speaks much English, meals are provided and there’s no television!) so I figured I could rework some of the characters and connections… got into a bit more of a mess than I expected, so I’m in the middle of a big reworking/ rewriting–this is draft 6. But I’ve got the consolation of knowing that if it doesn’t work out I can always submit draft 5. I’m not totally happy with that but it’s 60% there…

And I’ve started a new book–thanks to Camp NaNoWriMo. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.   Have to figure out again how to reset the wordscores!

Visiting the grave of Park Kyong-Ni at Tongyeong on the anniversary of her death on May 8th. She was the writer of the great Korean novel ‘Toji’ and founder of the Toji Cultural Centre, Image

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