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I Hate Sports Cyclists!

I hate sports cyclists–some of them at least.

Scene: This morning on the Parks Connector along West Coast Highway around 7.30 am.

Though it’s a highway there are designated crossings to the factories and offices on the other side. The pedestrians had right of way, all the cars and trucks had stopped when this bunch of cyclists came between them and bashed into the people walking across.

Oh yes, forgot the Cast:

One worker (work clothes, barang-barang in basket on bike, slippers, old bike)

One recreational cyclist (flashy helmet, flashy outfit, flashy bike)

There was a loud crash and they ended up on the road.

The rest of the sports cyclists (identical flashy outfits, flashy helmets, flashy bikes, identical flouting of traffic laws) rode through the red light and picked up their buddy, set up his bike–yes it worked–and rode off, cheering each other on.

A motorcyclist and I helped the foreign worker try to stand. He had a bloody scrape on his leg, a twisted ankle he could not put weight on and the spokes of his front wheel were banged out of alignment so the wheel could no longer turn. To move the bicycle at all he had to lift it and push it along on it’s back wheel, along with all his things and his hurt ankle.

He did not want to miss work he said. He would lose his job. He did not want to leave the bicycle there because he needed it to get to work. Maybe he could get the wheel fixed. He had a mobile phone and would call a friend to come and help. I got him to give me his phone number because I had to go.

(note: there are times when having small dogs is a liability–)

What makes me really mad is how those sports cyclists:

1. Ignored the red light crossing. They were using the highway as vehicles, shouldn’t they watch out for pedestrian crossings?

2. Ignored the injured man and his damaged bike and rode on without bothering to see if he could stand/walk.

They were out having fun with their buddies on their expensive bikes and will probably be laughing about this incident not caring that they’ve damaged someone’s only means of transport to work.

If anyone knows who they are please let them know. If they would like to compensate the poor worker with a new bicycle wheel it would be as good for their souls as for his livelihood.



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