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Day 41: SWF Opening Tonight!

SWF Opens tonight!

And thankfully my word count is right on target for the week so I’m taking the weekend off writing to go watch/listen writers writers writers!

Very ‘light’ festival for me–one panel (Ideas), one set of post competition comments (Golden Point) and one presentation (Books Actually) and the rest of the time I’m free to enjoy all that’s happening.

Frustrating that so many things I’d like to sit in on are happening simultaneously!


Meanwhile Orchid Chan is on target at 15, 092 words–will have to start tidying and streamlining next week–and the History Mystery has passed the 35,000 word mark, which means I can stop to breathe a little, at least over the weekend!

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Day One!

My first day on the new book!

Slower start than I expected. Though I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to write I kept getting distracted by things like ‘what kind of abbreviations did they use in 1920’s Singapore’ and ‘did Jazz Age fashions make their way to Singapore?’ and ‘if Loy Ah Koon of Ya Kun Kaya Toast first arrived in Singapore in 1926 could I have him make a cameo appearance in the book?’

All fascinating, all distracting. Maybe I should work somewhere without internet access. But then how would I look up stuff? I know I can always LIVECOW what I need to know but it’s not the same. And some very interesting things come up in the course of serendipitous searches.

Since this is the first draft I’m letting myself play a little and explore stuff… as long as I get my 1000 words a day (or 5000 words / week) ¬†down. There’s a risk of course that when I edit over Saturday and Sunday I’ll end up cutting out everything I wrote in the previous week but right now I’ll try not to cut too much. I need some bulk to begin with so that later I can carve out the shape I want. Right now I’m still mixing clay and collecting scraps of ‘found’ material!

But yes, I’ve got the rough idea, the wire framework inside and I hope it supports all the stuff I’m throwing at it now.

Some of the things I’m finding most fascinating are what people were eating and wearing. I suppose that comes closest to home. It’s harder to imagine chamber pots and rickshaw pullers with bleeding feet.

Bright Write notes:

I got invited to be on a panel in the Singapore Writers Festival and it’s a lovely topic–“Where do ideas come from?” at least it’s something I always want to know when I’m talking to other people… an extension of why do we do what we do, think what we think… push some things out of our minds while pulling others in and obsessing about them… looking forward to that!

And my footnote gripe has been resolved. After I threw my e-tantrum the lovely wise mature people at Epigram sorted everything out and everything is all right. And the book 8 Plays (what I’ve seen of it in pdf anyway) looks lovely!

So today is a happy happy writing day!




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