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Stage One Done!!!

Draft ONE and Great relief here–I’ve finished dumping the whole lot down and so far it’s an enormous chaotic mess but I can see there’s stuff inside it here to work with.

If you’ve seen (and survived) me going through the early stages of a piece before you’ll know this is the stage which I think of as choosing my stone and twisting my scaffolding and collecting seashells and picking mosaic dyes… I’m far far from finished, I’ve barely started the whole process but still I’ve ploughed through from start to finish once and I still want to work this thing… after a bit of a break to rest my eyes!

Past experience tells me that the ‘start’ and ‘finish’ probably aren’t going to stay where they are. The actual ‘start’ will probably be around the current chapter 3 and I’m probably going to throw out huge chunks of material (that I needed to write because I was figuring it out for myself)

But still, it’s done. On paper.

And NAC says they’re agreeable to shifting my timeline a little.

Originally the next step, scheduled for 30 Nov 2012 was for me to:

1) Submit first draft of script

2) Arrange for a professional editor

But they’ve said I can shift timing around.

My current plan is to NOT LOOK at this manuscript for two weeks… I’ve signed on for a meditation retreat 1 to 4 December so I’ll put this aside till I come back.

Then sit down and tear it apart and write the second draft by April 30 2012… and have a professional editor look at it then when it’s in better shape than it is in now, but which will gives me almost a year to restructure and rewrite to make the final deadline which is March 31 2013.

At this stage I hope to show it a some long suffering friends too–just to get more feedback (would you read it? at which point did you give up? all right what do you hate Most about it?)

And again, while the editor and friends are looking at it, I won’t. I realise that shutting myself away from it completely helps me get started on rewriting because otherwise I see what I Meant to write rather than what I actually put on the page.

SO… I survived the first stage of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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